UH - OH ! One of us messed up
  •   I hope it was you and not me!
  •   This joint's too small to get lost in,
  •   maybe you've been online so long you're mind's turned to jelly.
  •   When's the last time you fed the dog? Talked to your wife?
  •   Saw your parents? TAKE A BREAK for pete's sake...
  •   This is my space, I bought it fair and square.
  •   So go away and STOP BUGGING ME...!
  •   Honestly, I don't care where you go.  Just get off my property...!
Ok. If you really feel it's my fault... and you really feel the need to point out yet another one of my mistakes... Go ahead and drop me a line:

E-mail me    (that's if the e-mail is working)

Or, you could be really smart, and just try again.
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