Agility 3 Wireless Alarm System

Agility 3 Wireless Alarm Review

You may have a lot on your agenda. Whether you are a homeowner, or have your own office, it’s important for you to know that your family is safe, and your home and business are secure.

Agility is the most reliable & flexible wireless security and safety system on the market. Agility puts you in the picture at all times, letting you keep track of your home, your loved ones. your business and your employees.

Picture A Solution So Easy To Use With Agility, it’s simple to manage your home or workplace, as the solution has been designed with you in mind. We understand that even the most advanced technology has to be easy to use by all family members.
Agility’s flexibility enables users to perform a variety of day-to-day tasks in a simple and intuitive manner. The level of security varies according to your requirements, from a convenient proximity tag on your key ring to entering a PIN code which belongs to just you in the Keypad or Remote Control. 

Agility’s Keypad comes with a blue LCD and key backlight so you can easily read the screen, even in the dark.

The 2-Way Remote Control is designed with a status indication LED, so if you forget what your last action was, you can remind yourself via the Remote Control.

Picture A Solution That Lets Dedicated Users Access It Anywhere, Anytime Picture yourself on the go: rushing to a meeting, at the gym, on holiday, or away on business. Regardless of the situation, Agility keeps you in the picture at all times. With Agility, you can control your system via any means of communication – Internet, telephone, mobile or SMS. The voice operation menu announces options and instructions on how to use the functions; and with video verification, you can view your home or office remotely.

Prices start from around £500 for a 24hr monitored system

With the  speech-text dialer fitted to your system to alert you when your system activates.  This means NO monthly contracts or using costly monitoring services, the only expensive to you will be the telephone call.  Many safety devices can be incorporated in to your home security system such as: smoke and heat detection, carbon monoxide detection, panic buttons, and even home automation Pet immune detectors are available now so having a alarm system fitted doesn’t mean your pets have to be confined to one or two rooms, they can safely walk around the house without activating the alarm system.

Our systems are designed to be simple to use and give you maximum security. Surveys an demonstrations of our equipment are free of charge without obligation.

The Agility 3, a fully wireless domestic and commercial alarm panel with mobile app management that offers 32 wireless detection zones, including support for 8 eyeWave wireless PIR cameras offering video verification for self-monitoring as well as for monitoring stations. 
Agility 3 is a wireless alarm panel with the bonus of home automation and video verification. There has been put plenty of thought into  Agility 3 and the company’s engineers have come gold  standard for intrusion detection, video verification (VV). In fact, this is the first affordable domestic alarm panel that does Video Verification. 

It has alarms, integrated video, integration of home automation via I/O and X-10 modules. Access control, you ask? Well – not exactly-but the prox-enabled keypad does allow arming and disarming of the system by presentation of key fob to keypad. And little jewels of functionality like this are strewn throughout the system.

In terms of specifications, Agility has 32 wireless zones, 8 of which can be wireless PIR cameras, as well as supporting up to 3 bi-directional wireless LCD & LED keypads, one for each of the 3 possible partitions. There’s also bi-directional audio, 32 user codes, as well as a 250-event log. There are also cool modules like PIRS, and there’s a wireless home automation module with 4 wired zones and 4 outputs, which includes an X-10 transmitter. 

Sensors – well – these include all the intrusion wireless sensors from internal PIRs to external multi- technology sensors, as well as safety detectors that include smoke, gas, CO and flood detection units. The, panel comms options include any combination of PSTN, IP and GSM/GPRS. 

The panel has some telltale LEDs located on the face, including an LED ‘tick’ icon which allows  installers to check system status at a glance. If the icon is green ok, , if it’s red, then there’s a problem. Connections to the panel itself are simple as can be. There’s power through the usual plug pack and there’s RJ-45, allowing the panel to clamber onto a network via a local router so as to 
gain access to the Web for management and alarm reporting. 

The keypad it’s a nice looking interface in shiny white poly with a 3-line LCD display. The keypad can be removed from its bracket and installer or users can tote it around for convenience of operation and programming. 

The  remotes have great size and hand feel. They’re a bit bigger than  normal but are still compact. The plastic is light charcoal yet has a ferrous glint to it that’s distinctly upmarket.   the wireless fobs not only manage the security system but can also be used to drive a remote I/O module and handle cool stuff like lights and air conditioning. These fobs can also drive the system wirelessly (up to 8 keyfobs can be assigned to a single system) or you can enter a PIN into the keypad. 

The manufacturer warranty is 2 years, which is on the better side of industry standard.  Nothing compares to Agility 3 when it comes to video verification – in part because there’s very little competition in this area. In fact,  Agility 3 is the only domestic and commercial alarm system that sends images direct to the end user. 

For a start, you don’t get video clips with Agility. Instead you get snapshots, one pre-alarm and 6 post-alarm.  The eyeWave PIR camera responsible for video duties incorporates a QVGA (quarter VGA) board camera with 320 x 240 pixels and an 85-degree field of view.  There is  an IR flash that pulses on detection giving the camera the Ability to capture images in total darkness with a depth of field of 10m (the PIR component offers wide angle detection up to 12m).   Something else that’s thoughtful is that images are stored 
locally on the camera until they are entirely transmitted to the panel.  

The eyeWave PIR camera is available in both wide-angle and pet-immune versions.

Video verification is driven by a GPRS unit built into the control panel that transmits images to  secure cloud server. From here images can be passed on to users via the Smartphone app and to monitoring stations including 1 pre-alarm image and up to 7 post-alarm event images.  

The system sends an alarm message and 2 snap shots at intervals after an alarm event, with the intervals programmable between 0.5-2 seconds. If users want to check images from the cameras during the day to see if kids are home, for instance, they can just jump onto a camera via a smart app that runs on mobile phones and tablets or web browsers. The app lets authorised users management alarm systems remotely, as well as viewing real time images from PIR cameras or checking up on alarm activations. 

The iCloud is proprietary, it’s free of charge so there are no hurdles or odd complexities to navigate here.  Important for video and intrusion alarm functions,  Agility’s wireless is dual core, and there are 2 channels, each with its own antenna. One of these channels handles control and diagnostics, while the other takes care of video transmission. 

This division of responsibility is quicker response times for video transmission but perhaps of more importance given the modest file sizes of the snap shots taken by the PIR cameras, is extending battery life as well as anti-collision between wireless devices.  Separating video and alarm management allows the PIR cameras’ optical assembly to go to sleep when the system is disarmed, which is important in battery-powered wireless sensors. Other features of the 2-way wireless include a technique to reduce signal contention between devices, synchronised comms and encryption of signals to improve security. Like keypads, system keyfobs can also report system status and receive request confirmation. 

The 2-way wireless supporting the remaining 24 alarm detection sensors is 864MHz FM with an output of about 10mW and Agility 3 supports all wireless sensors – indoor PIR, outdoor multi technology detectors, flood, smoke, CO detectors and more. The breadth and quality of these sensors is a great strength of the product.

While this is an all-wireless system there is the ability to port in a 4-input wireless I/O module allowing the integration of existing wired alarm sensors. In such a case an old alarm panel would be removed and key zones terminated to the remote I/O module which would then report zone status to the Agility 3 panel via wireless. The I/O module also has an X-10 adaptor so you can do incorporate extensive home automation as well.  Management of automation is mirrored through the management app where there’s Ability to toggle I/Os for home automation. There are full logs so you can see who armed the system and when.  And as you scroll through events, anything with a camera icon next to it is an alarm activation with associated captured images. 

So why would you choose a different system from the above?

You already have a hard wired system and devices though your  panel has seen better days but the wiring is all intact or you have extended your home and wish to extend the alarm system.  There is solution.  The LightSys system, the main board is an 8 zone, 4 area hardwired alarm panel with hybrid 
expansion to 32 hardwired and wireless zones.  The LightSys panel comes with an LCD Touchscreen Keypad, which has a proximity reader.  

The LightSys really shines as it a hybrid panel you can choose wireless or hardwire sensors or have the combination of both.  It comes with a PSTN Dialer on board a 500 event log memory and support 16 user codes, you can also purchase an expander module which is installed into the main 
housing of the control panel that offers GSM/GPRS /IP.  

The LightSys™2 supports visual verification with a self monitoring Smartphone app (also available via  web browser) which enables homeowners to control their alarm systems remotely as well as view real-time images taken inside their premises with the eyeWave™ wireless PIR camera detector which communicates with the iCloud server.

This is a quick YouTube video review on the new Agility™ 3 is a state-of-the-art 2-way wireless alarm system designed for the residential and small business that provides more than a standard home security system.
Agility™ 3 supports visual verification with a self monitoring Smartphone app (also available via web browser) which enables homeowners to control their alarm systems remotely as well as view real-time images taken inside their premises with the eyeWave™ wireless PIR camera detector which communicates with the RISCO Cloud server.

UK Risco Agility 3 Recognised Security Installers

All staff and engineers must be CRB Checked (Criminal Records Bureau) and engineers trained on Risco product by the manufacturers and safeguard and maintain the standard of installation of security system with minimum of £2,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. 

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