Guide to Wireless Intruder Alarm Batteries

Guide to wireless intruder alarm batteries in detection devices as well as master bell boxes.

We Install the leading brand of wired and wireless Intruder alarm systems.  With a fantastic range of products, Pyronix provide the product and Alarmwise provide an unparalleled high quality of installation.

Working directly with Pyronix themselves, we can provide the most current and up to date systems giving you the best possible security solution for your home and business.

All wireless alarm batteries are in each wireless device which is monitored and informs you of when to replace the battery before its life expires. Furthermore, each device conserves battery power by “sleeping” during periods when detection is not needed.

All wireless alarm device sensor will have a battery which will need changed between 18 to 24 months change including external master bell siren. you’re more likely to end up with a battery failure if don’t change within that time period your 99% likely to have out of hour callout paying extra cost for emergency callout for evenings, weekends or if your away on holiday for any long period of time.

it’s normally the “alarm control panel battery” that causes the most problems with intruder alarms and should be replaced every 4 years – otherwise it can create problems with the rest of the alarm system.  

Yes, you can change them yourself, although I have had customers that have tried to do it themselves and ended up calling us anyway as they made a mess of it.

There is nothing to stop anyone replacing the batteries, we have had customers that have changed their own devices, and some have ended in the same cases, the end user has damaged one or more devices and that’s resulted in extra costs to put right.

Our Site Attendance (already on site) is £75.00 between 9am till 5am Monday to Friday.
Any fault finding, replacement of parts or reprogramming in changed @£35 Per 1/2 hour.
Plus materials & equipment used.
Includes certification processing if provided to say system has been serviced and tested.