Special Offer Sterling 10
Unfortunately this system is NO longer available, discontinued by the manufacturer

This Month's Special Offer.
Sterling 10 Complete Intruder Alarm System to suit most domestic and light commercial.

Supplied and Fitted for just £399.00


Sterling Remote KeypadSterling 10 END STATION CONTROL PANEL.

8 Fully programmable Multi-Zone for the must professional installations, the Sterling provides unsurpassed flexibility in all areas of system design and performance.

The Sterling 10 is suited to most domestic and light commercial applications. Eight fully programmable zones with three dedicated for Personal Attack Tamper and Push to Set allows the system to be designed to meet your requirements.


  • 8 Fully programmable zones with 3 dedicated to PA, Tamper and Push To Set.
  • 4 level settings allow the system to be part set in various combinations.
  • Up to 4 attractive LCD 32 character keypads can be fitted with the system allowing the main panel to be concealed in a cupboard or loft area.
  • A 100 event memory log stores information not only about alarm activations but also which user sets and unsets the system.
  • The Premier 24 can be connected to communication equipment which can be linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre or Speech Dialler to enable communication of alarm information to a standard telephone.

The eight fully programmable zones with four level settings allow the system to be tailored to meet your specific needs. This gives you the flexibility to protect various combinations of rooms/areas whilst leaving others free to enable movement around the property e.g. a part set program protecting all downstairs areas whilst leaving the upstairs free during the night.

Alarm System Battery Backup.

Maintenance free sealed lead acid rechargeable battery for system backup to prevents the system from being disabling turned off.

Sterling 10 Remote Keypad.

Surface-mount Keypad can be placed around your property in an area of convenience so that you can operate your alarm system whilst the main panel can be hidden away, limiting the threat of sabotage by an intruder. The LCD keypad (large display) featuring touchtone keys, backlit 32 character display which will allow you to enter user names and zone descriptions into the panel rather than numbers and duress buttons for Panic and Fire. You can have up to 3 additional Remote Keypads to the system.

Property Insurance (Bells only system).

The 100 event log memory stores information such as the zone area in which an intrusion takes place. This memory log conforms to the guideline set out by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).


Timed entry exit entrance route (Front door to hall). Surface magnetic contact, complete with tamper to comply with BS4737: Part 3: Section 3.3.

Colt XS Professional  Passive Infra-Red DetectorTWO PASSIVE INFRA-RED DETECTORS.

Colt XS Compact Professional Dual Element wide angle / long range Projected Passive infra-red Detector 4 plan 34 zone sealed optics and adjustable mounting height covering area of 15 metres surface or corner mounted optimum height 1.8m to 2.5m. Automatic temperature compensation and Thermal drift, Analogue tripe pulse count, LED walk test and High RFI immunity for internal trap protection. The Passive Infrared Receiver works by constantly monitoring the Infrared energy levels around a room and recognising a change caused by the entry of an intruder.

Approved to BS EN 55022 Class B and BS EN 50130-4 : 1996.



Internal sounder for extra audibility within main control panel. An internal sounder for burglar alarm panels, also to allow keypad and entry exit sounds to be heard if it is difficult to hear the alarm control panel's audio when the keypad is pressed or the entry exit sequence is triggered.

Belle External Master Bell Box EXTERNAL MASTER BELLBOX.

The Belle Bell Box provides both a visible and audible deterrent. When activated the bell box has a panoramic strobe effect which totally illuminates the full casing of the bellbox. At the same time a siren output of 118 decibels. The external sounder is no doubt the most visible and audible component of your security system.

Any attempts such as removing the lid, pulling the Belle from the wall, or cutting the power supply, will result in an alarm activation (the siren will activate independently).


All alarm circuit wiring, sensors, magnetic switches and sounders will be 24hr anti-tamper proof while system is set or un-set, if tampered with, this will activate alarm system.


Un-switch 13amp fused spur unit to supply the alarm end station control panel. To be fitted by our qualified electrician to IEE regulations.


All alarm circuit cables will be hidden wherever possible. The above installation will be carried out to British Standard 4737 and will carry a one year guarantee from date of installation.

All installed for the Sum of: £399.00

Special Offer Sterling 10 - Starting Price £399.00
This will allow you to tailor your system to suit your needs and give you a peace of mind. Below are few optional extras that you can add to the above system.
Magnetic Protection Door Reed Contact Switch Flush or Surface:
Colt XS Compact Dual Element Passive Infra-Red Detectors:
Pet Friendly Detectors where pets may be present when the alarm is set:
Dual Tecnology (PIR / Microwave) only responds to moving & heat sources:
Window Vibration and Shock Sensors:
Panic Buttons, Hall, Landing or Master Bedroom:
Optical Smoke & Heat Detector (Multisensor) Fast detection for widest range of fires:
Sterling 10 Remote Keypads:
Speech Dialler to enable communication of alarm information to a standard telephone:
Total Price = £399.00


All manufactures of the above equipment installed are register to BISA, (The British Security Industry Association), CAA, CE, EASEA, SIA, SPIA, and certificate registered firms British Standard 5750 / ISO9002 and manufactured to British Standard 4737.

We offer you the lowest price on all Intruder Alarm Systems, we can offer a further 10% discount for cash payments, if you should receive a written quotation for the same system at a lower price, we will do our best to match that price, plus offer an additional 2.5% discount.

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