Terms and Conditions

Alarmwise Terms and Conditions


a, All estimates received on behalf of Alarmwise are valued for 3 months from date of estimate.

b, All estimates accepted after the 3 month period will be re valuated.

c, No member of Alarmwise can give any verbal estimate on behalf of Alarmwise unless otherwise in writing.

d, The customer may not ask any member of staff including engineers to carry any additional work on their installation other than the installation which has been estimated for the customer.

e, If any additional installation work is required it will then have to be re estimated by the office of Alarmwise and be accepted by the customer before the installation is carry out.


a, The customer shall not, nor shall he permit any other person to interfere with the installation and equipment this will make the validity of the remaining guarantee void.

b, Alarmwise will not be responsible for any re-decoration which may be needed when a new installation or up-grade of any existing system is complete, for concealed  wiring carpets may be needed to be lifted all care will be taken.

c, Alarmwise cannot be responsible for moving of furniture or stock etc.,  where wiring may be needed to be installed, which may  delay the necessary work to be carried out. This is left to the engineers discretion.


a, Unless otherwise agreed by Alarmwise payment of the full price and any other charges for the goods or for services shall be net as shown on invoice.

b, Where Alarmwise delivers part of an order, Alarmwise Security shall nevertheless be entitled to payment for that part.

c, If the customer fails to make payment due to Alarmwise on the due date the customer shall pay Alarmwise the value of all invoices delivered and all work done as if the same were immediately due.

d, Alarmwise may suspend all production for the customer and receive from the customer the cost if such production and any materials purchased as a result of the customer’s order, and any consequential loss of profit, Alarmwise shall be under no obligation to continue such production unless and until the customer has paid in advance the total cost or anticipated cost of the order, the value of any other invoices delivered to the customer by Alarmwise.

e, If any sum remains unpaid after becoming due the amount unpaid shall be calculated from the date bare interest at the rate of 2½% per month, such interest will occur day to day.

f, Alarmwise reserves the right to suspend any service and determine this agreement summarily should the customer withhold settlement of any amount due to Alarmwise without the consent of Alarmwise Security.


a, Discount for cash payments, cash only payments must be arranged with the proprietors prior to the installation date, no engineers can authorise any discount of any kind.


a, All goods and services delivered by Alarmwise to the order of the customer shall remain the property of Alarmwise  until all sums due to Alarmwise from the customer whether or not in respect of such goods and services have been paid in full.

b, Upon the occurrence of any of the events specified Alarmwise shall be entitled to immediate possession of all goods in the custody or under the control of the customer.  The customer shall hold such goods at the disposal of Alarmwise who shall be entitled to enter upon any land or premises of the customer or where the goods are situated for the purpose of recovering the same.


a, All emergency callouts must be made through the office of Alarmwise in business hours not direct to the engineers.

b, All calls received after business hours will be answered by an answer phone giving an emergency numbers.  A message must be left to confirm call out for Alarmwise.

c, All emergency callouts will be made in business hours 8.30 to 5.00 Monday to Friday unless the customer holds a valid guarantee or maintenance contract calls can be made outside business hours weekends and bank holidays apart from Christmas day.

d, All maintenance contracts on behalf of Alarmwise Security are not transferable or refundable after 28 days from date shown on maintenance contract,


a, Alarmwise guarantee the equipment and installation workmanship for one year from date of installation.

b, Should any defect develop within the guarantee period whether due to materials or our workmanship it will be repaired or exchanged free of charge. If the customers decides that they are not satisfied with the installation and it is has developed a fault within 28 days of  the installation then a full refund can be requested.

c, This guarantee does not cover damage caused through accident, misuse, neglect, natural causes, or acts of God.

d, In the unlikely event that system failure should occur for any reason not specifically stated, we regret that the company can accept no liability for loss or damage.  Alarmwise shall not in any circumstances be liable for any consequential loss there under.  In the event that the customer has an outstanding account your guarantee is void.