The Benefits of Wireless Alarm Systems

Anyone who has had a traditional alarm system installed in their home or workplace will have experienced the inconvenience of having a hard wired system that calls for wires to run between all its components. However, technological developments mean that reliable wireless technology now provides a much improved and more easily installed alarm system that provides a number of significant advantages.

The installation time is much reduced, which in turn means the cost is reduced overall with wireless systems ranging from £599 to £800 depending on the size of the property covered and features incorporated. This is compared with hard-wired systems often costing more than £1000. Anyone concerned about the quality of wireless signal can be reassured by the use of long range that covers long distances at high speeds enabling coverage of larger sites.

Due to the lack of wires, Burglars are unable to damage or sabotage the system simply by cutting wires. In addition, health and safety concerns are diminished by a reduction in cable trip hazards. Finally, for the more design conscious consumer the wireless technology eliminates unsightly wires within the home environment.

Anyone planning to move in the near future should also not be put off from purchasing a wireless alarm system as by their nature they are easily moved and reinstalled in a new setting. Similarly, wireless alarm systems are future proof as they can interact with other devices such as motion sensors, CCTV and remote control/access systems to name but a few ways in which you can improve and diversify your wireless alarm system to suit to changing needs and budget.

The ability to integrate with new technology is shown most conveniently with connectivity to the internet. Allowing instant alerts and monitoring through your computer, phone or tablet via an app or simply in your internet browser. Depending on the systems installed as part of your network, then the ability to watch live video feeds becomes a viable option, whether to check whether an alert has been set off by an intruder or simply to have peace of mind that your children have arrived safely home from school or that an elderly relative is receiving the correct level of care.

Taken further, wireless systems can also facilitate home automation, whereby you can remotely adjust lighting, locks and heating when on the move or simply from the convenience of your own bed or sofa.

Wireless systems also offer the incentive that some home insurance providers will cut their premiums as far as 20% where a home security system is installed by an NST Gold approved company. Given the aforementioned cheaper installation cost of wireless systems, combined with the insurance savings you can over time easily reacquire your initial investment as well as make long term savings.

Summary of the key benefits:
Reduced cost and installation time.
Compatibility with other technology.
Long range wireless.
Portability when moving.
No cables.
Tamper proof.
Reduced insurance premiums.
Online management/notification.